Google working on Android TV service?

Google working on Android TV service?

Android TVSo according to an ‘anonymous’ source the blog Gigaom has found out that Google may be working on a service called Android TV.

As most us already know, Google has had a series of devices under the name Google TV but it turned out to be not quite as successful as some of the other major players in the branch like Apple TV. That’s why Google is saying goodbye to Google TV and transforming its platform to Android TV.

According to the anonymous source, the name is not the only thing that will change for Android TV. Television manufacturers like Sony, LG and Samsung will get more freedom and options to implement in their devices. Next to this, the platform will soon get an update to Android 4.2 and developers will find it much easier to upload and try out some of their homemade apps on any Android TV device.

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10 Android tricks you didn’t know

10 Android tricks you didn’t know

So unless you’re a total geek and already found out every little thing there is to know about your Android smartphone, there are probably a couple of cool features you didn’t know about as a ‘casual’ Android user.

For instance, did you know that you can download a Google maps are for later use if you don’t have access to the internet? Did you know that there is a build in mobile data storage and management system deep within the Android settings? No more sky rocketing bills of your mobile provider, Android will warn you as soon as you’re close to reaching your monthly limit.

Oh and if you’re on Android Jelly Bean, you can unlock a cool Easter egg which the Android developers put into the system. Want to know how? Check out the video below made by Phonebuff.

Check this out for more Android Tips from Android Central:

1: Adobe Flash 'On Demand'


Open your browser and tap the menu key. Find the settings tab. You’ll find an entry “Enable plug-ins”. When you tap it, you can choose On demand. This way, you’ll be able to choose when you want to see Flash content.

2: Wifi sleep


When the screen shuts off, you phone switch to the 3G or 4G. This takes a lot of energy. When you set “Wi-Fi sleep policy” to never, your save your battery a lot.

3: Homescreens


Everything on your homescreen is taking a bit of energy. Clean your homepage for saving your battery. If a app is not on your homescreen, it isn’t delete from you phone.

4: Apps


Move your apps to your SD card. When you have more space on your memory card of your phone, your phone is a lot faster.

5: Sideloading


Sideloading simply means the installation of apps without going through the official Android Market. Your phone needs your confirmation for download app from secondary sites.

6: Uninstalling Apps


From your homesceen, choose the button menu. After that choose Applications from the list. Choose Manage applications in the next screen. Find the app you want uninstalling ans press it’s. After that, you only have press the uninstalling button. It’s easy!

7: Set your ringtones on the right place


Do you use your own sounds on your Android phone? It’s easy. Connect your phone to your computer and look for the media folder. You can create a new one, if it doesn’t exists. Choose the right map for the sound you want to use it for. Now disconnect your phone en navigate on your Android device too the right destination.

8: Screen brightness


For saving your battery live. Choose Automatic Brightness. Your Android device choose the right Brightness at the right time.

9: Volume settings


From your homescreen, press the menu button and choose settings.  In the window that opens, choose Sound, and you’ll see a whole slew of options for control of the noises your phone makes

10: Protect your phone


For your one savety. Use a password for entry the phone. Choose menu and after that, settings. Choose security and then set up screen lock. Follow the instructions for having a safety Android device.

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What is MIUI like?

What is MIUI like?

We already talked about one of the major players in the Android software development world, namely MIUI. The Chinese Android ROM provides you with an amazing, clean and user friendly mobile experience.

We can talk and write for hours about it, but you’ll only know what it’s like when you try it right? That’s why we think it’s cool to take a look at some people who installed the latest version of MIUI (v5) on their devices. Below you can take a look at YouTuber Gregor Corenc who installed MIUI on his Nexus 4.

Take a look and be the judge. We think there are some pretty amazing features present on MIUI and are currently considering to try it our ourselves.

Check how to install MIUI:

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Trip down memory lane – a short history of Android

Trip down memory lane – a short history of Android

history of AndroidAndroid debuted back in 2008 on the global mobile market. Since its release there have been a lot of updates, tweaks and new features on the world’s most popular mobile OS platform. However, with all these changes and sweet names it becomes easy to lose track of everything

Luckily the folks over at kinvey have created an amazing infographic that takes us from the very beginning of Android 1.0 to the latest and upcoming versions here in 2013. While many geeks may have already known this for some time, we were quite surprised to find an Android version called “Donut” back in 2009. The platform has released as much as 39 versions since its launch and developers have access to 19 API’s to provide us with the best possible mobile experience.

Enjoy the short history lesson:


image from: Kinvey

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